Sauna in a spa hotel

Infusion wanted?
Deep-down Tuffbad

Stone steam bath

There is something in the air: the powerful secret of of the stones. Here in the steam bath at the nature hotel. Minerals that infuse the beneficial vapours. Dance around the body. Warmth, humidity … precious caresses. That will pave the way for relaxation.

Dolomite sauna

Breathtaking, the panorama of the Lienz Dolomites. You sauna in Finnish style - dry and hot at classic 90°C. The walls of Swiss stone pine with their resinous scent have a multi-layered effect on well-being and health. Among other things, positive for the nervous system, circulation and stress reduction. The benches are also made of local wood - alder.


In the past, the waste heat from the oven was used to - according to an old source - "rid patients of rheumatism, evil thoughts and sins." Today, the room air, tempered at 35°C, is enriched with sourdough enzymes from our oven. The bread enzymes are supposed to stimulate metabolism and ensure good digestion. How this affects your sins, you will have to judge for yourself ...


As if they carry a Kraxen with hay on the back - no, you sat down relaxed, back and shoulders will be grateful. A light barrier turns on the oven, you close the curtain and relax in the comforting warmth of hay.

Physiotherm infrared

The Physiotherm infrared cabin is, so to speak, high-tech in the sauna. Tension is relieved, back pain is alleviated and blood circulation is improved. The metabolism is stimulated and the body's defenses are strengthened without putting a strain on the cardiovascular system. The light system, depending on the color, stimulates vitality and energy, brings about calming silence and inspiration.

Alpine grotto

In the alpine grotto you start to sweat at about 45°C and high humidity, the metabolism gets going, the air is enriched with orange scent. The purifying effect strengthens the body's defenses, the skin becomes softer and smoother. The brine button in the grotto lets brine steam flow into the room when confirmed - a touch of the sea in the alpine pasture.


Gentle sauna with in the native wood - the Tuffstübele represents with mild 55 to 56°C the alternative to the Finnish sauna. The body is made to sweat in a gentle way, the relative humidity of about 60% has an additional beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. After approx. 15 minutes the purification occurs by intensive sweating. A fine extra: the scent of Swiss stone pine, with which we enhance the beneficial effect.


Taking a sauna like our ancestors: In many ancient writings, the Brechel bath is called the "sauna bath of the peasants". The secret: a herbal steam bath with mild, rising, moist heat (55°C). In the center, a bath oven periodically emits herbal vapors. The vapor soothingly strokes the bathers' backs, and pine needles irritate the foot reflex zones.


The bio sauna at ****S Wellnesshotel Tuffbad: sweating and purifying at 75 °C. By heating the body and then cooling it down with the outside air and cold water, the circulation is stimulated and resistance is strengthened.

Parlor sauna

Sauna in Finnish at dry 90°C. You take a seat and feel the soothing effect of the hot, dry air with every breath. Aromatic infusions additionally relax and bring variety. Every day a new fragrance will surprise you. The perfect remedy for active athletes to prevent colds and loosen muscles.

Hut sauna

Experts save the hut sauna for last, because with its 95 °C it is not only a tad hotter, but also brings a very special atmosphere. In the rustic hut by the outdoor whirlpool, you sweat in a cozy foursome of age-dark wood, whose occasional crackling in combination with the view is a real experience, especially in winter.

Rustic theme sauna
Sauna with a view of the winter landscape
Bread oven in a sauna
Close-up of a sauna oven
Sauna with stone wall
Sauna with black panelling
Rustic steam bath in the Lesachtal valley
Rustic alpine sauna
Sauna in an alpine hotel in Carinthia
Classic sauna with oven
Sauna made of wood


Good manners, not rules …

Almwellness at Tuffbad. Self-confessed devotees of pure well-being know that here they can indulge in the unbridled freedom of pleasure. Because we all like to follow a basic spa etiquette. Do you like to encounter yourself during a sauna visit? Then you are onto something. The straight road to relaxation. On the Sunnseit’n. In your spa hotel in Carinthia. Have fun!

The view of our chambers should not be missing, so that you can imagine the vacation as a whole!

Sauna with stone wall
View of the outdoor pool from the indoor spa area

Some treasures glitter hot. Pearls on the skin. The awareness that comes with warmth: This is how you do Alm Sauna. At Tuffbad.

Pain relief


Improved circulation

Being spoilt with choice and the lust to play with warmth. In the hut sauna at a dry temperature of 95 °C or in the bread steam bath at 35 °C. Just like the ancestors used to do it: sweating out rheumatism, wild thoughts and sins. Detoxifying 55 °C in the Tuff Stübele … a vast sauna landscape. It is boring to list all saunas, so let’s just say there are innumerable temptations in the Almsauna. And then head outdoors. To feel the Lesachtal air. In the heavenly tranquillity under the starry sky. Cheeky moments of unbridled pleasure …