Hiking landscapes in Carinthia

In harmony with nature.
Deep silence, high unison.

For the soul

Some treasures lie dormant within ourselves. And are waiting to be awakened.

A good mix of exercise and relaxation. The deep well-being that arises from consciously enjoyed activities. For this purpose, we have created an ambience at the Naturhotel Tuffbad in the Lesachtal as a hotel with activity programmes that bring body and soul together.

Wellness, or spa hotels, can have many faces. From yoga with its Indian roots to mountain walking, typical for the Lesachtal, on our alpine meadows. You pick from our weekly programme what awakens your good spirits and invigorates the body.

Almwellness, all in all.

Infinity pool in the Almwellness-Resort Tuffbad
Woman doing a yoga exercise
Woman sitting between big burdocks on the ground in the Lesachtal forest
Intensive yoga
Drop an anchor in your being: Experience yoga deeply

Yoga means intense immersion in the here and now. The powerful connection between the body and the mind in the meditatively permeated present. In yoga, merging exercises (asanas) and conscious breathing (pranayama) form a dynamic exercise flow. Moments deeply rooted in our being … ongoing meditation practice is one of the treasures that our guests like to take with them and keep. Yoga - an important part of our hotel. In the active programme.

After an active day

You have really exhausted yourself. Now it is time for an enjoyable time-out.

Can you feel every muscle and also a few that you have never noticed before? Have you just emerged from a deep dive that has thoroughly tidied up your inner world? Recreated, refreshed, retreaded, so to speak? Now you deserve a break. Full of pleasures that the 4-star superior hotel Tuffbad can offer. Sunset at the Sky Infinity Pool, for example. With a sundowner in your hand. And when the ice cubes clink softly, you look forward to dinner. Or whatever the evening might bring …

No matter what your plans look like, a non-binding inquiry will take you a big step closer!