The highest standard.
Honest and conscientious.


Our love for people, our respect for nature. Our honest commitment to sustainable living - these are the treasures that we would like to share with you.

Why complicate things? When everything has already been there - and is. We just have to, or rather are allowed to, pick them up. Combine them. With careful attention and respect. It lies dormant out there - untouched nature. It exudes a fragrance: fresh alpine air, so clean and clear. The healing water of Tuffbad. Where you bathe, that you drink.

Do you value sustainability & tranquility? Inquire simply & without obligation for your vacation!

Local treasurers, cordial staff, seasonal products from personally known farmers - our philosophy lives with home understanding.

Our employees
Our employees

We like to call them our “treasure keepers”. But with much heart. What would our family-run spa hotel in Carinthia be without the true heroes and heroines? Local pearls who remain loyal to us, who, just like we ourselves, take responsibility for every guest. Who carry and lead just as we do. For whom Almwellness is not just a marketing term but lived practice. Day after day. For whom 4-star superior is a mission and no classification. For whom “Good-bye” is not an empty shell but real hope.


We live with a clear mission. To give more than you receive. We have an honest motivation to achieve this. To live sustainably. In the family. We try to do that whenever and wherever possible. This is the idea that we have been actively carrying to our nature hotel on the mountain for many years. And so we produce our own natural electricity, providing the spa, rooms, suites and chalets with additional energy from heat pumps to enable us to offer you a sustainable holiday.

We thus manage to save around 90 % of CO2. Regional products from the region and our commitment to slow food are other pieces in our puzzle. In our hotel in Carinthia.

Regionality writ large

Green Toque, Bio certificate and slow food travel. 3 terms that characterise us.

Eating and drinking in the bio hotel: Whenever possible, your palates will be pampered with delicacies from the region. From the deepest conviction, we live the Green Toque, the bio certificate and slow food, which guarantees wholesome, organic-ecological regional food that is seasonally, sustainably and socially-ethically produced, harvested and processed.

Architecture – Proud of wood

Why wander far and wide when good things grow so close?

Following trends is not our style. We try to create our surroundings and your holiday home in a way that we have chosen for ourselves. Without alpine lifestyle, without cheesy chic. We rely on wood from the region, want to provide a warming living feeling and support the local economy. The so healthy side aspects of the larch used in the rooms will make you feel comfortable and give you deep sleep.

People put their hands one on top of another
Lichens on bark
Freshly baked bread from regional flour
Bar in alpine style

Our values - what our heart beats for

We want to be a power spot with warmth of the heart. For the guests, for the hosts.

The Almwellnessresort Tuffbad should be a place of positive change, development and foresight - for our guests, but also our hosts. Therefore, it is important to us that we enrich people with sustainable experiences.


Is one of the most beautiful forms of respect


Is attentively observing, an awareness, free from motives or desires, watching without interpretation or distortion

Positive thinking

Is our strength and motivation to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. Therefore, it is important to fill our minds with optimistic thoughts.


I don’t need a perfect person around me - honest people are enough


Politeness is the blossom of humaneness, those who are not polite enough are also not human enough.


Be the change that you would like to see in the world.


It is not the strongest species that survives, not the most intelligent one but the one that is the readiest to change.

Our attitude: pamper guests as if they were on their own vacation, equal attention with warmth of heart and warm greetings for all.


Joy about the awards of the spa hotel in Carinthia

We may adorn ourselves with beautiful things. Wear them proudly but never arrogantly in front of our chests. But the most beautiful awards are those that our employees take home with them. In our 4-star-superior hotel in the Lesachtal. On the highest level. Honest and conscientious.

Logo of the seal of quality ABG - Austria Bio Garantie
Bio Certificate

Each company decides for itself the extent of organic use. The applicable principle is: "What is designated as organic quality must also be traceable as such."

Logo of the seal of quality
Green hood

Styria vitalis - an independent non-profit organization (NPO) - has set an example that is unique in Austria and has been awarding the trademarked "Grüne Haube" seal of quality to catering and hotel businesses since 1990.

Logo of the Health & Spa Premium Hotels
Health & Spa in Austria

Our understanding of health and well-being is holistic. This means: We are convinced that only those who bring body, mind and soul into harmony can feel good.

Logo of the Slow Food Travel Alpe Adria Kärnten 2020
Slow Food Travel Alpe Adria Carinthia

It is a journey into the valleys, to their people and tastes. A journey to the traditional food producers and their traditional knowledge and old crafts. Baking bread, producing cheese, brewing beer, being present at the production of Lesachtaler Speck, seeing how beekeeping works.

Logo of the seal of quality - Qualität Kärnten Beherbergung
The Carinthia Quality Seal

Our special focus is our high quality of service. From providing the information needed for an especially easy arrival, to the warm welcome at the hotel reception desk, and an unforgettable stay. 

Logo of the Four-star superior categorization

Superior - is based on a first-class, high quality, modern and immaculate uniform 4 *- hardware in the entire property area - for a clear "more" service offering and service quality-a mystery guest check as part of the classification. 


To be nominated for the HolidayCheck Award 2023, hotels must meet the following criteria: At least 50 reviews in a given period and a recommendation rate of at least 90% on HolidayCheck.

Falstaff Spa 2023

The Falstaff Spa Guide presents the most beautiful spa hotels and exclusive wellbeing resorts in Europe. Plus: the best international addresses. The best wellness hotels in German-speaking countries are evaluated.

Austrian Hoteliers Association

The association represents the interests of the hotel industry at national and international level and supports its members with professional services and training.

Diploma Sommelier

The Diploma Sommelier is the highest level of sommelier training after Sommelier Austria. This course leads participants from the Sommelier Austria training directly to the diploma. Award

Every year, the 50 best wellness hotels are awarded the Award. A specially developed evaluation procedure is used to analyse and evaluate the facilities and guest satisfaction of all hotels on the platform. We are pleased to be number 1 in Carinthia 2024.