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Natural. Good things from the region at the bio hotel.

Kurt Schmid from the Lesach Valley is a man with a firm grip on things. And that means organic, regional products. Which he and his team turn into real delights for the palate.

World heritage lesachtal bread

How an essential food became an awarded delicacy.

Carinthia’s Lesachtal. A high valley where self-sufficiency has been a long-standing tradition for centuries. People have always (and still do) cultivated and harvested the grain for bread and carefully ground it in the many small mills. Then it can be transformed into these aromatic and tasty temptations, using old recipes that have made it famous beyond the country’s borders and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Freshly baked bread from regional flour
Grain field in evening light
Woman with basket of freshly baked bread

Baking bread with Anita

Get to know the old, honest tradition of baking bread

Anita is a real sweetheart. Not only when she talks to our guests but also when it comes to honouring the bread and grain of the Lesachtal the way it deserves it. Anita is one of two farmers who not only supplies us with bread but also works with us part-time, which makes us very grateful.

She loves to share her craft and her knowledge about traditional bread baking in the Lesachtal with our guests. One time per week, she philosophises about the Lesachtal grain, about the mills in the valley - before everyone takes a piece of natural sourdough, forms a loaf and imprints it with a time-honoured stamp. And afterwards, the aromatic delicacies can be tasted - pure or with butter from the alpine pastures. A real treat.

Hands kneading dough

Grinding grain in Maria Luggau

It doesn’t always have to be wine: Turning water into flour.

Hardly anyone would suspect that the Lesachtal was once known as the valley of the hundred mills in former times. And there are still these old historical gems that were renovated with love and care in the last decades. You will find the true pearls in Maria Luggau.

This is precisely where you can learn everything about the traditional cultivation of grain in the Lesachtal valley: the farm of the Lugger family. About wheat and rye that have almost disappeared from the valley. Once you have quenched your thirst for knowledge, the Lugger family of millers will take you to the water mills, where you can watch them at work.

Such old know-how is worth the experience. Book your holiday now and soon find yourself closer to the origins of our sedentary life!