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100 % satisfaction
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Mr & Mrs Flood’s stay

Pair, 3-5 days 6.00 from 6
One of the most special and perfect retreats with such a huge choice of wellness things to do. We can’t wait to return and hope to visit again very soon 🤞 Thank you for making our stay so wonderful and memorable!

A perfect stay in ALMWELLNESS Tuffbad resort

Pair, 1-3 days 6.00 from 6
This was the best resort and best stay we've ever been to/experienced. We will definitely come back as soon as possible and share the photos from your corner of the universe with the whole world to see them. You deserve that. Best of luck, and many hugs from Croatia... Ana & Daniel

Holiday July 2023

Pair, 2 weeks 5.86 from 6
Excellent hospitality , great food, quiet location , a superb place to unwind and relax in an unhurried rural location.

No complaints at all


We really enjoyed our stay with you!

Pair, 1-3 days 6.00 from 6
We enjoyed our three night stay and could have stayed longer. What a beautiful place, inside and out! Thanks for having us!



Pair, 1-3 days 6.00 from 6
We found relax and comfort in our stay, the staff has been pleasant and professional. We will back for sure also during the winter.