Hand in hand
with nature

Sustainability – Our matter of the heart

Sustainability - loved and lived in the Lesachtal

The Lesachtal. A gift from heaven in the Southwest of Austria. So much Carinthia in it, and yet you can also feel Tyrol. Europe’s most natural valley, a true gem for people who like to go offline in their holidays occasionally. For those for whom less is sometimes so much more, who draw their strength from the abundance of untouched nature. For consciously reducing, balancing, reloading, or a thorough restart.

Great freedom. Deep finding.

You turn off the road. Toward the nature hotel. Follow the road for a few kilometres. Metre after metre, the alpine world will become more palpable, the birds more audible, the air more fragrant, the stream more chuckling. Until you arrive on top, have found the treasure. On its own. Simply there. On the mountain. You will feel that the world is all well and that you want to be a part of this quietude and respectful serenity. So much space, so much free wild. The felt vastness, the freedom going deep under your skin.

Natural electricity from next door

Bundled, home-made sustainability

The gurgling of the wild stream. Not far from the house. Soothing aid for sleeping and sleeping through. But also a source of energy. That we use with a hydroelectric power station so that we can provide our eco-friendly bio hotel with 100% natural power. Moreover, our 4-star superior hotel resort is heated by heat pumps, which entails saving around 90% of the CO2 that would be produced if we used gas or oil. Sustainable, eco-friendly, and contemporary.

Rushing water
Small circular waves in water
An image of firewood

Proud of wood

Livable wood as a feel-good element for houses

Almost everyone knows how beneficial larch wood is on health and deep sleep. The pulse rate is lowered, saving the heart up to 3,500 beats per night, which increases the body’s autonomic recovery. Our rooms, suites and chalets are furnished mainly with this elixir of life. Swiss stone pine from our near surroundings with a small CO2 footprint.

Just as the old woods that we additionally use. From the region for sustainable living and managing our economy.

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When the eyes tell you what the ears do not hear. Because silence plays a special double with tranquillity.

Tuffbad thoughts

Can you eat and drink greenly? Again and again, with pleasure. Because it simply tastes good.

We are proud to carry the BIO certificate and the Green Toque and be a part of the Slow Food Travel initiative. Taking your time in the production of food, in the preparation and in the enjoyment itself is the motto of Slow Food Travel and an art that has almost fallen into oblivion these days. We celebrate culinary and enjoyment here at the Almwellness resort Tuffbad and are in close contact with food producers in the Lesachtal valley. Many of our ingredients come right from the region and are organic as well as seasonal. This is good for people and the environment. Since  we also offer breakfast completely without packaging.

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