A couple hiking in Lesachtal

Paths emerge from steps -
arriving at oneself?


Hiking in the Lesachtal valley - hiking hotel Tuffbad

Three hundred kilometres of hiking trails. You don’t have to be a miller to follow the proverbial lust for hiking in the densely forested valleys and lush meadows. In the true sense of the word. Gentle discovery. But those who dare can also climb the paths of the Lienz Dolomites. Or take one or the other stage of the Path of Peace in the Carnic Alps. The manager of Tuffbad, Egon, and our spa coach Erika are certified hiking guides. Saying hello to every parting of the ways. Good mood in the backpack. And to know where yodelling produces an echo …

In keeping with the theme, you should take a look at our chalets which exude a bit of an alpine hut feeling!

Sunset in Lesachtal in Carinthia with green meadows in the front and mountain landscapes in the background
Hiking landscapes in Carinthia

“Only where you have walked have you really been.”

J.W. Goethe
Child looks at a map

Almwellness treasure map

The Lesachtal valley – beautiful wherever you go. Clever treasure hunters trust the recommendations of our treasure map

The most beautiful hikes often begin with a finger on the map. The feet are already pawing restlessly, while the head is still busy selecting destinations for today. Over the tree line into the light? Or breathe in the cool air in the shade along murmuring streams? A word of advice: Do not confuse the map with the landscape! In other words: Go out to raw nature. The aching muscles will look forward to a massage in the spa of your hiking hotel afterwards.

Hiking paradise

Get on your feet, and off you go!

Advanced hikers know: Ask the top dogs. For the most rewarding tours. For the quaintest huts. For the most impressive panorama. For breath-taking hikes in the Lesachtal. For challenging tours: we recommend a mountain guide. We will be happy to find one for you - just ask at reception. Maybe our dear Tamara, the daughter of the famous Mt. Everest conqueror Helmut Ortner. We can also tell you about the place where the top dogs bark and promise you terrific hiking days. For those who want to surf before going on a hike: www.lesachtal.at.


Hiking and relaxing - a natural combination

What is also lovely: Kicking off your boots after a hike full of experiences in the Lesachtal. Every departure entails an arrival. That, too, is part of the longing on the trail. And connoisseurs know that the steam bath or sauna brings the hiking day home. The muscles and the joints now really deserve a rest. How convenient that the hiking hotel is also a spa hotel. And your head says: enough kilometres. Now we collect and store them. Our memories. And what we like to tell our friends about.

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Sauna with old wood panelling
A flower field with various alpine flowers. The flowers are in different colors and shapes.