Romantic time-out.
For both of us.

Intimate area in the alpine resort: Private Spa

The alp means… wonderful hours for two.

You would like to be alone together. To flirt without being interrupted. To bathe in feelings. Moments that could not be more special. Leave it to us to provide the romance of the ambience. A private spa at the pool in the evening. Indoors or outdoors under innumerable stars. Or taking a hay bath in the wooden tub. The private spa has no limits. We will happily prepare your cuddly nest and let your eyes shine in the candlelight. Attention … some of us have even decided to propose in the private spa.

Value papers for treasure hunters:

Vouchers for timeless fulfilling moments at the Almresort Tuffbad

Hotel vouchers for a time-out on the alp are a brilliant idea that will bring lasting pleasure. For the giver and the presentee. Vouchers from the bio hotel are charming invitations to fathom the seductions on the alp. Or to surprise dear people with an unexpected adventure. And who knows to what end such a beginning might lead!?

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