View of the Almwellnessresort Tuffbad within alpine landscape

Lesachtal, holidays, recreation …
all draw their strength from the same deep sources

The Lesachtal … typically Carinthian, typically independent

Hustling people have always overlooked it - those who find the Lesachtal valley want to experience it with all their senses. Decade after decade, the big masses of tourists have simply passed by. Now the inhabitants of the Lesachtal have turned the perceived adversity into a virtue. Sustainability is the buzzword. Sustainable sustainability would be a more appropriate term for the Lesachtal. A strong yesterday has been transformed into an honest today, without any damages, exemplary for a good tomorrow.

In any season

Sights, day trips, power places - at any time of the year

You have to look twice, often a third time, if you want to fathom the Lesachtal. The country is breathtakingly beautiful in the grand scheme of things. And it is shy, almost timid, in its great details. The Lesachtal in Carinthia wants to be explored with care. As it is with precious treasures. Only those who retrieve them can own them. How beautiful that today, the 4-star superior Almwellness resort Tuffbad is located at one of the Lesachtal’s power places. Almost 250 years ago, the monks of Maria Luggau discovered a healing spring here. From here, the Lesachtal lies before us like an open book. Welcome!

Picture of two female hikers in Lesachtal
Picture of two hikers in the sunset
Wall painting in the basilica Maria Luggau

Basilika Maria Luggau

The religious centre of the valley

Faith is deeply rooted in the Lesach Valley. Churches and chapels stand like call signs in the landscape. In Maria Luggau we can visit Carinthia's only basilica. As do numerous pilgrims who come here every year. Cross-border pilgrimage groups from Sappada or Forni Avoltri come every year as highlights, crossing the main ridge of the Carnic Alps. And stay overnight in the attached monastery, which has been run by Servites since its foundation. Even in the First World War, fierce battles were fought here. Today the sentiero della pace, the peace trail, forms the border with Italy. Only friends cross it.

Chalet in the Alps


The faces of a landscape - our Lesachtal farms

The so-called “Lüftlmalerei” is characteristic of many farmhouses in the Lesachtal. The windows of the facades are decorated with elaborate frames, painted in a pattern technique, and holy figures. The dominant colours are ochre, blue and grey. Sadly, many of these folk artworks have disappeared due to overpainting. However, it becomes increasingly possible to uncover them again, to restore them carefully or mount them on newly built houses according to old views. Of course, our Lesachtal farmhouses at the bio hotel Tuffbad are adorned with the traditional decoration of the Lüftlmalerei. Because it is genuine. And because it belongs here.

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