Heaven and earth.
Water and everything…

Immerse. In summits and mineral water …

Good outlooks, without borders. Our Sky Infinity Pool. Much more than a pool. You swim in the middle of the Lesachtal valley. Your personal paddling pool between mountain giants and alpine meadows. Tempered to well-being. It feels good to be carried by the crystal-clear mountain water. The thoughts are free to wander. To the freedom of nature. In this unlimited end of the world that can stay outside.

Tuff bath spring: state-approved mineral water for external and internal use.

Our Tuffbad spring is a state-approved magnesium-sulphate-hydro-carbonate mineral water spring. It is suitable for external use for rheumatic diseases, degenerative joint and muscle diseases. Internal use is recommended for gout, liver and bile disorders, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases and constipation. And trust us – even those without any of these ailments will feel as good as the proverbial fish in our spring mineral water.

6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Relaxation in pleasant mountain scenery.

You will find the whirlpool in the nude area as an addition to our sauna world. You relax in the tingling stream of the massage jets in the back and seating area at a pleasant 34°C. And let the magnificent mountain landscape take effect on you.

Health-promoting Kneipp applications in the indoor mountain stream.

Refreshing 12 °C water will welcome you in our indoor mountain stream. With a wading pool, waterfall and plunge pool for ideal Kneipp treatments for a healthy lifestyle.

Outdoor area of the infinity pool in Tuffbad
Entry to an indoor pool


Mineral water from our own spring

Water does not equal water. At Tuffbad, we allow ourselves the luxury of filling the swimming pool and the Sky Infinity Pool with precious mineral water. From our own spring. Of the state-approved type: Magnesium-sulfate-hydrocarbonate. Healthy to be carried away. Recommended for drinking. We will happily tell you in detail how much healing power comes from the depths of the Lesachtal mountain world at Tuffbad.

Close up of water
Small circular waves in water
Black-and-white picture with fruit bowl


Daring retreat to a place for two

Pure romance. The fathomless starry sky above us. Staring at the nature around us. Until unbridled gazes plunge into shimmering eyes. The rest will remain your secret. But we will be happy to provide the perfect ambience. Before we discreetly retreat. And the private spa at the bio hotel is all yours. 4-star superior, of course.

Are you planning a surprise that fits the occasion? Then send us a non-binding request first!