Borne by many
loving hands


Welcome to our family-run Almwellness resort

We have made our dream come true. To fulfill your desires and wishes. Our dream of a nature hotel on the alpine pasture, run with a focus on sustainability. Far back in the Carinthian Lesachtal, at the beginning of the road to the end of the world. Where we, together with our “treasure keepers”, and our team, will make sure to give you good times on a high level. Loving companions by your side, dedicated to authentic living and hosting.

Family in austrian traditional costume


Some treasures have deep roots. And that is good.

Our spa hotel in Carinthia. Solid solitaire with charming charisma. Only possible because of a strong yesterday, an honest today and a good tomorrow. Which not only builds on a 250-year-old spring but has a turbulent history that has formed and shaped all of this.


Over 250 years ago, the Fathers of the nearby Maria Luggau stumbled across the Tuffbad spring. While looking for herbs. Already in 1765, Prince Porcia authorised the monks to build a bathing house for those seeking healing.


In the merry month of May, our parents built the cherished Lesachtal Tuffbad Dörfl (“little village”) in only nine months. The tourist office leased the spa house and the village began to enjoy great popularity among guests from near and far.


The year when our family’s dream was to come true. The dream of the Almwellness hotel Tuffbad. A refuge that the whole family planned and organised with passion and heart and soul. On 10 September, the groundbreaking ceremony took place in pouring rain.


The saying “Rain brings blessings” was to prove true. After only a 9-month building period, we were able to open our premises together with the whole region, with over 1,500 dear people: so much joy, so much gratitude, a little bit of pride.


Already three years later, we were reaching for the stars. And we were delighted to be the first hotel in Carinthia to be awarded the “4-star superior” rating. Our commitment to quality was rewarded.

2008 - the first

A very important year for pleasure. For the palates of our guests. But also a clear and strong commitment to regionality, sustainability, seasonality and organic. The award “Green Toque”. The essence of our kitchen philosophy.

2008 - the second

Our Almwellness area got a new member. 300 square metres with hot-cold offers for our guests: The Kneipp pool with waterfall, a whirlpool, the farmer’s parlour with water beds and much more enriched the Tuffbad wellness world.


The year of extensions and a quality offensive: An annexe of 500 square metres was realised, the spa area renovated and a charming restaurant built.


Many guests visit Tuffbad. Come again. The number of employees rises to improve the quality of service constantly. The former Tuffbad inn was leased, and 28 employee rooms were built for our true treasures.


No time to rest. For the well-being of our guests. The yoga room “Flower of life” was built, the whole main house refurbished, the kitchen renovated, and the paths to the chalets paved. Good moments for us.


A year that we will never forget. A year with changes that have brought our house to another level in terms of quality, value and offer. The breath-taking Sky Infinity Pool was conjured up just like the Dolomite Sauna and the new reception lobby area. 


30 years ago, the foundation stone was laid for Almwellness at the highest level

250 years ago, while searching for medicinal herbs, the Fathers of Maria Luggau stumbled upon an unspeakable treasure by chance. Our today’s Tuffbad spring. As early as 1756, a bathing hut was built, in 1987, a spa house was erected, and in 1993 our family built the Tuffbad Dörfl. And everything took its course.

Alm in the Carinthian Lesachtal

Anno 1765: In 1756 a bathing hut was built, which was taken over by the neighborhood in 1821.

Wellness hotel on an alp with pool

Tuffbad Dörfl 1994: In May 1993 was opened, also the Kurhaus was leased by the tourist office and we could win many guests for our Dörfl.

It is my life’s dream that I can live here in the Tuffbad with my family, and I also count our Almwellness team among them.


A family business with so many lovely people

We would be delighted if you were to take the same impression home with you as so many of our guests have done. The feeling that people work here who have fun and joy, who can develop and grow, who are doing well in a harmonious interaction between guests, staff and the host family. Despite our open-mindedness, we are especially delighted that so many local people from close by are around us. A true treasure for us.

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