Misty forest from a bird's eye view

Some treasures
cannot be hidden


Tuffbad. A magical place. On one of the Lesachtal’s pastures. Flattered by an ancient spring. For well-being at a high level. At the beginning of the road to the end of the world.

Spacious hotel hall in wellness hotel in Carinthia
Timelessly furnished bar Carinthian Hosts

Your hosts

How nice that you have found a comfortable place. And go on a journey together. In the mind. In the heart. On our Lesachtal alp. In Carinthia.

And maybe drop anchor here one day. In the spa hotel. And diving for the treasures of nature, the people that will be here for you, the food, pure life. In a place where 250 years ago, the Fathers of the nearby Servite Order discovered a mineral spring. Which is still gushing today and forms a compass for our heartfelt Almwellness here at the nature hotel Tuffbad. Nice to see you here. Make yourself feel at home and comfortable.
Yours, the Oberluggauer & Obernosterer families
and the 4-star superior Tuffbad team

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Sustainability. Credo and guiding principle for all that we do at the nature hotel. Practised eco-friendliness here in the Lesachtal in Carinthia.


Environmentally friendly

On wood

Mineral water from the depths of the Lesachtal mountains

Sustainability, eco-friendliness. Strong, big, important terms that are also indispensable in the hotel industry. Which give us meaning and orientation in what we do every day in our nature and spa hotel. 100% natural electricity from our hydroelectric power station, heat pumps throughout the resort, 90 % fewer emissions, organic certification, Green Toque and proud member of the Slow Food Travel Initiative. These are just some of the aspects that go without saying in addition to the 4-star superior Almwellness.

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Almwellness, without frills, pure & real. At the Tuffbad. With double soft “FF”

Almwellness type

Which treasure lies hidden inside you?

We have been able to define 5 types of treasure hunters here at our spa hotel in Carinthia. 5 types of guests who are searching for their individual holiday moments, their very personal treasures, based on their personality. Active guests, down-to-earthers, lovers, searchers and natural beauties. United by the wish for a sustainable lifestyle, retreat, genuine hospitality and unspoilt nature.

Almwellness types

like to explore nature, want to relax their muscles, regenerate their body and their vitality and improve their performance.

Thats me

are in harmony with nature, want to find themselves, are seeking tranquillity and recreation, want to calm their thoughts and recharge their batteries in the beauty of the Lesachtal.

Thats me

Only you and me - the two of us: Your goal is to spend time together, to get to know each other better, experience sensuality and romance and strengthen your relationship.

Thats me

need a good deal of relaxation, want to experience holism, centre themselves, let their energy flow, get in touch with their body, mind and soul, find inner peace.

Thats me
Natural beauties

take care of their body and a well-groomed appearance. Detoxification and cleansing, youth, charisma, And skin health are important to them. They know how to enjoy the sunny side of life.

Thats me

Our packages

It smells like summer and great offers

What also characterises us Lesachtal locals is our directness. We like to say what we think, we are not the great masters of tactics. And that's why we're fresh and direct when we say that we'd love to see you and spoil you. Just like that. We would like to recommend our beautiful alpine pasture and our house to you. And we have put together some great offers and packages for you, which we would like to present to you here. There's a lot in it for you - it smells of forest bathing, summer freshness, alpine magic and much more.

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Every end is a new beginning.
You have arrived.

Really cuddly, really fine. That's how it should be. In our living dreams.

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Drawing of the Almwellnessresort Tuffbad in Lesachtal in Carinthia with the Lesachtal mountains in the background

Directly behind the main house you are waiting. For you. The suites in the chalets.

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