Relaxation room with cuddly loungers

To come to rest.
Each according to his

Relaxation room with comfortable furniture Comfortabble relaxation room with alpine flair


So difficult to close your eyes

The youngest child among the relaxation areas is the Skypool relaxation lounge. Right at the top. The area where it's really hard to concentrate on a book or close your eyes. The reason: just see for yourself. Water, mountains, churches, alpine pastures - and cows and horses in summer.

But don't worry, in our chalets you will surely fall asleep. Just take a look at them for yourself!


Back to nature? Even Rousseau sought retreat in his philosopher’s chamber to process his experiences in nature. When you're in the mood for new pages: Please turn the page. The reading lamps in the “Moosrastl” become beacons of your thoughts. But, if you happen to get lost in literature: Please come back!


We have built our farmhouse parlor from local spruce and equipped it with well-tempered water beds - in which, for once, no mineral water flows. Look forward to wonderful views - the Carnic Alps send their regards.


Inside and outside - on the terrace - the Lesachtal in front of your eyes. And feet. A cozy rest area, which in addition to comfortable couches also has sofas and further optical eye candy ready.


As the name suggests: the gray rock giants of the famous Lienz Dolomites smile at you when you rest here and dream of the next tour out there.


A special place to come to rest. You relax on couches, the lower part of which is made from the wood of old wine barrels. The resting places are located in the relaxation area near the whirlpool.


Many smooth charms await you in the spring room. The gently splashing waterfall will whisper a story or two to you, your nose will be pampered by the aroma of the local pine tree. For good measure, the scent of hay is just around the corner. The spring room is divided into two rest areas.


In the light-brine room, a truly delicate duet envelops you. Your eyes are gently caressed by the play of colors on the brine cascades. The respiratory tract enjoys a brine-enriched humidity like in the south. By the sea.

Woman in a pool
Spa with a wide window facade and outdoor pool
Close-up of flowing water


Cozy tips for spa vacation

No less than 9 different rest & relax rooms are at your disposal. The first ones open already from 7 o'clock in the morning.
If you want to have your very own personal place just for you during your entire stay, then you are welcome to reserve it for € 5,- per day/lounger or for € 40,- for the entire stay with us at the reception.

Wood-panelled relaxation room with beds
Stylish relaxation room with tiled stove
Entrance to the sky infinity pool Coniferous forest from a bird's eye view


Tuffbad: Four-star wellness in the Lesachtal. Superior.

From the beginning of the path to the end of the world and everywhere in between: Wellness. It is spelt as you write Tuffbad. Almwellness that is a pleasure to indulge in. And to find yourself again. More relaxed. One with yourself. More beautiful. Fitter. Healthier. Miracles made in the Lesachtal valley.

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