Woman enjoying a relaxing spa treatment

You look the way you feel good …
and of course you become more beautiful!


Sunnseit’n. We go with our own time.

Stress and pressure cannot invade the Lesachtal, especially not Tuffbad. Our treasure keepers of relaxation will take charge of the time. Stretch it with pleasure. Touch the right spots. And you will arrive here. In the now. Incredibly relaxed. The Sunnseit’n will work. Relaxing massages and treatments will give their best.

Let us know when you would like to come!


Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation

On our alp, on the Sunnseit’n, the hay has two years to grow and to gain strength. Cosmetics? Facial treatments? Will make nature blossom. More than a hundred herbs and the water from our mineral spring will contribute their share. Our selected partners will turn them into nice, sustainable care products. Does beauty need more than the real thing? Not with us. By the way, our creams or ointments as souvenirs smell better than a thousand words!

Lady enjoying a hay bath
Massage room in a spa hotel

Sunnseit'n Spa Brochure

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