Genuine Lesachtaler Bread

Slow Food

The art of enjoyment

A journey to good taste

A culinary sight: The Slow Food Philosophy. You and the gourmets of relaxed travel have found each other. This was not difficult, as we have lived here for generations, always committed to the genuine, to the regional, to the treasures that the country and its people have created. Carinthia’s Lesachtal valley, together with the Gail and Gitsch valleys and Lake Weissensee, have become the world’s first Slow Food Travel destination. Nothing but marketing, some argue. Until they take their first bite of bread made from flour ground from organic grain in one of the legendary Lesach Valley mills. According to our ancestors’ legacy. The Lesachtal and the bio hotel Tuffbad invite you to the table - this is honesty!

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Different kinds of bread at the hotel buffet
A piece of bacon and bread