Close up of water

Our Lesachtal healing water.
Some treasures root deep.

Healing & mineral water fresh from the spring

Our healing water. What a unique treasure that we love to share with you

Around 250 years ago, the Fathers of the nearby pilgrimage site of Maria Luggau were looking for medicinal herbs. They found themselves on our mountain pasture, a few stone’s throws from our present-day nature hotel in Carinthia. And they were astounded by the particularly lush and strong growth of certain herbs in a particular spot. The spot where they found the spring. The Tuffbad spring that is still a great gift for us today and whose pure mineral water flows through our 4-star superior hotel in the Lesachtal. Healing water that you can swim in every day.

Healing water from the heart of the lesachtal valley

The Tuffbad spring - every day fresh for our nature hotel

“Swim far. In our infinity pool. High above everyday life. Endlessness becomes tangible. Unbridled looks, consonant being, floating in natural mineral water” - does this sound like a perfect 4-star superior nature hotel moment to you? Our guests appreciate the beneficial effect of the calcium-magnesium-sulfate-hydrogencarbonat mineral water flowing into all our pools fresh daily. But also into the 7 drinking fountains in our bio hotel in Carinthia that will invite you to try these healthy delicacies.

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Spa hotel Tuffbad in Carinthia in summer
A picture of natural spring water

Our carinthian spring water

It contains so many health benefits. Our Lesachtal healing water.

“Fresh every day - since 250 years”. An ironic contradiction and probably not the whole truth: This spring has probably been gushing for thousands of years. But it was only 250 years ago that it was discovered by chance here in the Lesachtal in Carinthia. Its healing powers were suspected. Precisely these healing powers that were scientifically recognised and documented many years later. Already in 1765, Prince Porica, Count of Ortenburg, allowed the treasure finders and discoverers of the spring, the monks, to erect a bathing house - only a few metres from the spa hotel. In 1972, this spring was officially declared a mineral spring.

Our guests like to drink one glass every day from one of the 5 drinking fountains. After all, the mineral water will help to detox your body and promote stress reduction, muscle functions and relaxation. It helps treat osteoporosis and is an important energy supplier for the brain cells - to increase the ability to concentrate.

These are all healthy arguments for a wellness vacation of a special kind in the Carinthian Lesachtal!