Our contribution for your safety

In addition to a lot of space we of course guarantee you the highest hygiene standards and adherence to all current regulations. Moreover, we make a valuable contribution for your and our safety:

  • According to the current regulation, you can arrive without a vaccination confirmation, recovery confirmation or test certificate.Of course we ask for consideration towards the other guests, this includes regular hand washing, disinfecting, keeping a safe distance and "sneezing into the crook of your arm"!
  • Your personal cuddly room is cleaned via a TOP-DOWN system:
    Every single room has an own set of cleaning cloths. The cloths are soaked in a sustainable cleaning agent or disinfectant and only used for this one room.
    Depending on the colours we distinguish within one room e.g. between yellow (sanitary such as basin and shower), red (toilet) and blue (all surfaces in the room).
    After use, all cleaning cloths are taken to our hotel’s own laundry.
  • All contact surfaces such as buttons in the elevator, handrails, door handles, light switches, remote controls, touch screens etc. are disinfected even more often. Even all public areas are cleaned on the highest level with adequate equipment, colour-coded doors and cleaning protocols.

For even more well-being during your most valuable time of the year :)

Further information on the current legal regulations can be found on https://www.sichere-gastfreundschaft.at/
We are happy to be at your disposal anytime if you have questions. info@almwellness.com or 0043 4716 622

Electricity & heating

Our hotel is provided with 100% green electricity from a renewable source, namely hydropower from the Tuffbad stream. All rooms have a main current switch which automatically turns off all lights upon leave. In order to heat the house in a natural way we have heat pumps for all hotel areas which emit less than 10% of conventional oil or gas heating.

In the restaurant

As hotel owners, we are proud of our organic certificate, of our Green Toque (Grüne Haube) award and also to be a part of the Slow Food Travel initiative . Slowness is the motto, not only in the production process of the groceries, but also in the preparation and the enjoyment itself – an art that has almost been forgotten nowadays. We celebrate dining and culinary enjoyment all the more at our Almwellness resort Tuffbad and are in close contact to the producers of our food from the Lesachtal valley. Many of our foods are produced in the region and are biological as well as seasonal. This is beneficial not only for the environment but also for our own health. Since 2010, our breakfast buffet is completely free from unnecessary packaging.

Waste reduction

At the Almwellness Resort Tuffbad we have a strict waste separation. In the office we reduce the use of paper to save trees. Moreover, we have said good-bye to our disposable slippers and ask our guests to pack their own personal slippers for the spa area.

Generous resort, much free space

Our house is built to provide enough space for everyone and for every desire: Our isolated standalone location in the Alps, 3 kilometres from the main road and from the next house, is predestined for plenty of space both indoor and outdoor. Our hotel’s capacity is easy to overview with only 58 accommodations and a maximum of 116 guests when we are completely booked. Our spa area is designed spaciously with 11 individual saunas, 8 quiet rooms with 112 loungers indoor (of course positioned with enough distance between them) and more than enough loungers outdoor.

Hygiene has always been important to us and this even more since spring 2020. This is why we have implemented a precise hygiene concept (top down system) in the hotel.

Last but not least, family friendliness is a high value in our business: Our employees who are almost all locals benefit from clearly regulated working hours and a 5-day-week – this is not always the case in this industry.

Environmentally friendly mobility

We are always happy to see guests arrive with green transport and support you to do so: Guests arriving by e-car can charge their car at the house’s own charging station. It is also easy to arrive by train (the next stations are Tassenbach and Lienz).

Environmentally friendly holidays at the “green” Almwellness Resort Tuffbad – relax in a unique atmosphere and get your holiday offer now by sending us an enquiry!

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Loved and lived in the Lesachtal valley

We highly cherish our immediate closeness to nature and also include the sustainable approach in our housekeeping. Therefore, it has always been a matter of course to find environmentally friendly and resource-efficient alternatives for our daily business.

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