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Silver Quartzite Rock Massage: 75 min.€ 119.00

This unique treatment considers the energetic interplay of forces and makes the hidden forces of the universe accessible to humans. A very special primordial energy stone of Tauern crystalline, essences of the Ahrn Valley mountain region and a specially-designed massage are the keys to the gate of the world of relaxation in all dimensions. Strength and energy for the future!

Silver Quartzite Cleansing Ritual: 75 min.€ 121.00


During this purification ritual, the body is deeply cleansed and tightened, the metabolism is activated and the fine matter energy centres are liberated of stressful substances.

The scent of resin and high alpine mountain juniper and special primordial stone chants help with planned mental and physical changes.


Following in the Footsteps of James Bond 007 "Golfinger" Facial Treatment: 50 min.€ 99.00

Our special Gold Stem facial with gold particles from the exclusive Vagheggi Gold Line. Gold Stem is a new comprehensive approach in response to the aging of the skin on the face, neck and décolletage.
Regenerating, firming, and smoothing. The result - tighter, healthier skin.

Includes a glass of "Gold Prosecco".

... With a license to indulge ...

Facial with Hay Flower Stamp Massage: 50 min.€ 74.00

Experience the wonderful feeling of warmth and relaxation on your skin. Enjoy a facial and décolletage massage with warm homemade hay flower stamps and nourishing face oil.

Hay Massage: 50 min.€ 74.00

A treatment with alpine hay, worked into pillow form, is a wonderful experience with rich fragrance and relaxing warmth. The legs and the back are massaged with our homemade hay oil, while you relax on the heated hay pillows. The hay pillows are then yours to take home

Tuffbad Ritual with Hay Oil: 80 min.€ 89.00

Let yourself be pampered from head to toe by our homemade hay oil with wild herbs. At the end of the treatment, an invigorating and refreshing rub down with arnica oil leaves you feeling like you are on cloud nine.

Alpine Massage – The Healing Power of Nature: 50 min.€ 71.00

Feel the true enjoyment of this classic massage with various pure natural herbs and oils from the alpine region. Choose what’s right for you.
A marigold liniment rub improves circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Mountain balm leg massage: 25 min.€ 42.00

A rejuvenating leg massage for tired muscles and joints, which replenishes energy after athletic activities.

Hiking package: 75 min.€ 119.00

An arnica-amber wrap in our floating water bed,
followed by an arnica total-body massage and ointment application.

You will also receive an arnica ointment to take home as a reminder of the Tuffbad and our beautiful natural environment.

The power of arnica and amber provide a relaxing feeling after hikes and other physical activities. The arnica wrap in our water bed relaxes muscles, and the follow up total-body massage soothes and revives tired muscles.

Stone Pine Oil Massage: 50 min.€ 74.00

Experience the scent of pine on your entire body. The organic Swiss stone pine oil has a balancing and calming effect, promoting a natural equalisation between body, mind, and soul. The additional stone pine liniment rub promotes circulation and gives you a fresh feeling of total wellbeing.

Stone Pine Oil Bath: 25 min.€ 55.00

Balanced care using guaranteed genuine organic Swiss stone pine. Promotes the natural balance between body, mind and soul. Enjoy the scent of pine and the resulting velvety soft skin. Ideal for inner restlessness and stress. (for 2 persons)

Intensive Treatment with Biodynamic Lifting : 110 min.€ 128.00

A holistic maximising programme following the methods of Team Dr. Joseph. An intensive treatment with biodynamic lifting massage tailored to your skin’s needs. Experience a truly unique beauty treatment with skin diagnosis, lymph stimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, peeling, detox with vacuum cups, eyebrow shaping, special serum, bio-energetic flower pistil stamps, lifting massage, intensive mask, and a final individually-tailored daily skin care and stabilisation treatment. Nature’s “high tech” for lasting impact, immediate visibility and maximum effect.

Alpine Hay Stamp Massage: 80 min.€ 109.00

Homemade warm hay stamps, fashioned with various herbs and the hay from our alpine pasture above Tuffbad, which release tension, loosen tight muscles, and have a generally relaxing effect on the whole body.
The subsequent rub down with mountain pine oil improves circulation and offers a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Pure Mountain Air - Clear Skin: 50 min.€ 72.00

This cleansing and nourishing basic treatment promotes clear and clean skin. You will be enchanted by the clear mountain scents. A cleansing ritual with edelweiss and arnica, followed by facial toner with lemon balm and mint, cereal peel, deep skin cleansing, eyebrow shaping, alpine plant-based mask with gentian and clay or “ice flowers” (depending on skin type), and an individually-tailored final treatment.

Hay Cuddle Time for Lovers: 50 min.€ 79.00

Take time for yourselves and regain energy together - that’s all that matters in this moment. Switch off, close your eyes, and smell the pleasant scent of pure alpine pleasure!

Start with an aromatic hay peel, then enjoy our hay bath together in the wooden tub, followed by relaxing on our quiet island, massaging each other with our nurturing juniper-hay flower cream. Served with a bottle of Prosecco with hay syrup and a delicious surprise. Enjoy a fresh, scented hay pillow to take home with you.

Original Lesach Valley Hay Pack: 25 min.€ 39.00

The hay from the alpine pasture above Tuffbad smells wonderful and makes you feel like a brand new person. It is purifying, detoxifying, stimulates the metabolism, and relaxes the bones and joints.

Alpine Hay Peeling: 40 min.€ 58.00

The gently efficient organic full body scrub with crushed apricot kernels and hay flower extract deeply cleanses the skin’s pores, allowing the skin to appear clearer and more luminous.
Subsequent skin care cream leaves your skin feeling fine.

Steady – Your Feet - SPA Pedicure: 50 min.€ 52.00

With alpine herb footbath, pedicure, foot massage, nail polish or nail oil.

Gel Nail Polish by OPI: 70 min.€ 75.00

A new, long-lasting nail polish with an incredible shine. Dries instantly under UV light, scratch-resistant, and doesn’t harm your nails.
Includes: manicure, gel nail polish, and cleaning/removal set for home.

The calling card - your hads SPA Manicure: 50 min.€ 49.00

with hand bath, manicure, hand massage, polish or nail oil.

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