Dolomite sauna

The breath-taking view of the Lienz Dolomites accompanies your sauna in the panorama sauna.

Bread steam bath

The historic bread bath with a temperature of 35°C is ideal for calming down!

Kraxen oven

Relax your back and shoulders in the Kraxen oven which has a heat of 35 degrees Celsius.

Physiotherm infrared cabin

Sweating stimulates the circulation of the blood, detoxifies, purifies the body and boosts the cell renewal.

Alpine grotto

At a temperature of about 45 degrees Celsius and high humidity the air in this grotto makes your skin sweat and stimulates your circulation.


The Tuffstübele is the perfect alternative to the Finnish sauna.

Brechel bath

Move on and take pleasure in our Brechel bath which offers a heat of 55 degrees Celsius.

Stone steam bath

A traditional tub with gleaming stones is sunk into cold water.


The term sauna comes from the Finnish expression for "room made out of wood".

Stuben sauna

Our Stuben sauna is a classic Finnish sauna with a temperature of about 90 °C.

Sauna hut

This is the grand finale of a great sauna experience in our sauna world.


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Our spacious Sauna Alm

We are offering over 11 different saunas with the first one starting its operation at 07.00 and the next five at 10.00.
Latest by 14.00 all of our 11 saunas are open until 19.00.
We open earlier during bad weather and on friday until sunday.

Our historic bread Steam bath (35°C) is excellent for initial relaxation. Then you can do something nice for your back and shoulders in our Kraxen oven (35°C). The positive warming effects of our Physiotherm infrared cabin (45°C) can’t be doubted. You will begin to sweat in our Alpine grotto (approx. 45°), kick starting your metabolism. The Tuffstübele (55-56°C) stimulates the circulation and metabolism. Then head to our Brechel bath (55°C), a herbal steam bath with mild increasing temperatures. A basket with red-hot stones is dunked into water in our Stone steam bath (65°C). The breath-taking view of the Lienz Dolomites accompanies your sauna experience in the Dolomite sauna (90°C). The Brennstadl organic sauna (75°C), the Stuben sauna (90°C), and the sauna hut (95°C) near the outdoor Jacuzzi create the grand finale.

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