Our team

There are no satisfied guests without satisfied employees. We therefore lay great importance on an honest and friendly working atmosphere and always lend an ear to our team members (even for private issues). Our team members’ ideas and opinions are taken into account in our yearly decisions concerning our company. There is also a yearly plan for advanced training. Every department and head of department have their own areas of responsibility in which the Almwellness philosophy is further developed independently.

Our guests

We offer the best quality in all respects in harmony with Alpine nature in an absolutely tranquil spot far away from all hustle and bustle.

Our goal

Enthusiastic and happy team members & guests are our main focus, but this is not possible without financial success. We want to be economically successful and work in a profitable way. That way, we can assure a secure work place for our team members and are able to make yearly investments in our company. We want our company to become one of the leading specialists in holidays for relaxation, well-being and health.

Our principles

  • Truthfulness, openness, self-responsibility and fairness are our pillars for togetherness
  • Economical, rational and profit-oriented work is the basis for us to achieve our personal and company goals.
  • Team members are regularly informed on company goals and figures
  • All criticism is considered first and foremost as a chance for further development
  • We are careful to express praise, gratitude and criticism
  • Friendliness, optimism and fun create a good atmosphere and maintain high spirits in the Almwellness team
  • Our guests are our employers
  • All departments are clearly structured and have a head of the department who is in charge
  • All departments have a quality manual with clearly defined standards.
  • Fixed weekly meeting for all head of departments including a staff protocol
  • We have one goal: we want our company to become one of the leading specialists in holidays for relaxation, well-being and health
  • Pamper your guests during their holidays the same way you would want to be pampered on your holiday!
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Loved and lived in the Lesachtal valley

We highly cherish our immediate closeness to nature and also include the sustainable approach in our housekeeping. Therefore, it has always been a matter of course to find environmentally friendly and resource-efficient alternatives for our daily business.

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