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Naturalness. Quiet. Health. Sun. Laughter. Relaxation. Peace of mind. Happiness. Pure joy. Breath. Unforgettable. Here your holidays become what they should be: pure relaxation.

Maria Luggau Basilica

The Lesach Valley people have a long tradition of being very devoted in their faith. There are churches and chapels in every small village. The only basilica of Carinthia is situated in Maria Luggau. Numerous pilgrims come to this place each year. Transnational pilgrimages from Sappada or Forni Avoltri are part of the highlights of the year. Pilgrims may also spend the night in the attached convent, run by the Servite order since its foundation.

Guided tour to old mills in Maria Luggau

A walk between then and now. In former times about 200 mills have clacked along the river. Today a special club tries to preserve and revitalise the still existing mills along the river Trattenbach. This is why these old mills are used again for grinding grains. We start the tour at the inn “Bäckerwirt”, then pass the mill museum and the hamlet Oberluggau, get to the basilica and the monastery and finally arrive at the farmer’s shop, where many local products from Lesach Valley get sold, such as natural farm products (bread, butter, lamb meat from the valley) as well as handicraft and souvenirs. (Only in summer).

Guided tour to Radegund, a place of power

The church of Saint Radegund is known as the oldest church of the Lesach Valley. Probably erected in 1058, this church was first mentioned in written form in 1370. As the church is dedicated to Saint Radegund the village holds a fair on the 13th of August. Numerous times the church has survived flooding, which, however, has left its traces on the façade. The community of Radegund has always looked after this chapel, which therefore is still in a very good condition (Offered only in summer, to be paid separately).

Guided herb tour

During the two hours of this guided tour you learn a lot about our herbs growing either in the garden or outside in the fields. How do they look like? What are they used for? Join us on a walk around the house and you will get to know what you would probably have ignored otherwise. You learn to see differently. You also get a manuscript, you taste different juices, teas and honey. The meeting point for this tour is the “Mühlenstüberl” in Obergail. (Offered only in summer, to be paid separately).

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Our original Lesach Valley farmhouses

There are numerous farmhouses in the Lesach Valley with so-called “Lüftlmalerei”, or fresco paintings. The houses are decorated with stencilled paintings – often in ochre, blue or gray – around the windows and holy figures. Because of overpainting at the end of the 20th century, many of the beautiful old paintings have disappeared. However, many have been carefully revealed and restored, or applied to new houses according to old images. In order to keep this tradition alive, we have embellished our Lesach Valley farmhouses (built according to original house plans) with Lüftlmalerei.

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Loved and lived in the Lesachtal valley

We highly cherish our immediate closeness to nature and also include the sustainable approach in our housekeeping. Therefore, it has always been a matter of course to find environmentally friendly and resource-efficient alternatives for our daily business.

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