Alpine walking

(Nordic walking with special walking sticks) unites in a four-season-training not only fun and composure but also all already approved, agreeable and useful movements of skiing, walking and jogging. Nordic walking is perfect both for (sports) beginners and ambitious sportsmen. Almost no other sport offers such an effective result on your body without hardly any risk and the possibility to be done by more or less everybody everywhere. This soft stamina training is very easy on all joints, yet offers at the same time through the active use of the sticks a fantastic training for the entire body.


a sport without stress or sweat, easy on the back and joints, is a perfect heart-circulation training which at the same time strengthens and loosens up all joints. “Jogging in the deep water” is fun. To get to know different movements in the water means to experience the medium water in a new way. The difference to normal jogging lies in the constant overcoming of the water resistance (which demands and trains more muscles). The effects of “Aqua jogging” are manifold: more calories are used up, there are no aching muscles, it has a massage effect, and you have a shorter regeneration period after the training.

Walk with Erika

(ca.1 ½ hours one way) – a hike up to the “Hausalm” – a mountain cabin with many home-made products and a splendid view of Lesach Valley.
(for a fee, pre-registration by 6 pm on the day before required)


All the powerful energy which is in you can be brought to life with the help of yoga. Unite your body and mind in strong serenity and dive into the Now. Intensive yoga is based on a row of exercises (asanas), which are all linked and connected to your breathing (pranayama), hence forming a dynamic process.


combines the latest scientific knowledge with ancient health elements such as physical exercise, breathing and relaxation techniques. Antara is characterised by its tranquil and functional flow of movements that can be steadily increased. This ritualized series of movements becomes more intense with each training and leads to visible and tangible results. Antara is an intense training method that also leads to more presence, calmness and composure - major elements for a wholesome feeling of well-being.


means focusing on yourself, regaining strength, winding down, relaxing mind and soul in order to simply feel good. Through meditation you learn to get rid of your daily stress and to find relaxation at any place and time. You owe it to yourself to take these hours of meditation and find love, peace and strength within yourself.

Pilates (according to Josef Pilates) is a holistic body-mind training

which - regardless your age and physical fitness - gives your body both more balance and mobility. Soft movements improve your posture, coordination, breathing, concentration and body perception.

Qi Gong (meditative breathing and body exercises)

Meditative breathing and body exercises that influence or rather stimulate the energy flow in the body. Qi Gong exercises are also self-healing techniques that preserve our health and prevent diseases. Qi Gong stabilises the harmony between body, mind and soul.

Indian Balance - The flowing Body & Mind workout for the back, abdomen, legs and buttocks

Indian balance training provides a constant change between fluid movements, muscle contractions and conscious breathing. Indian Balance aims to unite body and mind in harmony. At the same time there is an intense workout for the classical problem areas which are the back, abdomen, legs and buttocks. While endurance, flexibility, coordination and the muscles are trained, the soul finds its balance and relaxation for new vitality.


Stretching exercises for different parts of the body to keep your body elastic and agile.

Water gymnastics

A training in the water that is easy on joints, trains the heart-circulation system and strengthens all muscles.

Spinal column training

Systematic enhanced muscle formation for health-conscious and healthy people. Basic instructions in positions gymnastics, stabilization and mobilization exercises as well as strength and stretching training.

Personal training

Athletic private training sessions with our coach Erika. She will help improve your overall well-being, as well as your level of fitness and health with expert, personalised guidance and targeted one-on-one training.

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Loved and lived in the Lesachtal valley

We highly cherish our immediate closeness to nature and also include the sustainable approach in our housekeeping. Therefore, it has always been a matter of course to find environmentally friendly and resource-efficient alternatives for our daily business.

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